Disposable Hygiene recognizes that each ODM customer is unique and their products need to reflect this. Our Team Is Your Team. Reliable and at your service. Our contract manufacturing experience will enable us to guide you through the development process at every step of the way.

We respect the process by which we earn the trust our ODM customers have in our ability to manufacture their desired products. At Disposable Hygiene we are grateful for that trust and put all of our expertise behind each and every contract product we manufacture.

Our facility incorporates the most advanced state of the art equipment to ensure we manufacture the highest quality wet wipes and single use facial product solutions. We will bring the perfect format, components and ingredients to meet your specified objective.

Whether you are looking for a brand extension or have a new to market idea, Disposable Hygiene will help you create the perfect product which will meet the highest standards possible. We are ideally suited to create exciting and innovative products for a wide variety of applications.