We bring years of expertise, flexibility, product knowledge and strength to every wet wipe and cosmetic filling project.

Disposable Hygiene is the fastest growing wipe manufacturer and cosmetic filling company supplying OEM/ODM product to contract and private label customers on a global basis.

With our highly seasoned staff, Disposable Hygiene brings to each customer, a vast knowledge and understanding of product manufacturing and filling. We have the industry experience and knowledge for our customers to draw upon.

As a company our focus is on manufacturing the highest quality products at the most cost competitive structure in order to bring our customers countless opportunities to grow their market.

Operating out of our State-of-the-Art facility located in Clifton New Jersey, we daily manufacture a wide range of wipes products and single use skin care products for our diverse customer base. We do this with rigorous operating controls and are FDA and EPA compliant.

We have a robust domestic Contract, Private Label and Retail client base as well as being a significant Private Label and Contract Manufacturer to South America.

We have developed and honed our ability to source a wide range of ingredients, substrates and packaging materials. We have worldwide Export and Import experience.

Our success is driven by our agility in meeting market opportunities coupled with operational expertise in sourcing through production.

Disposable Hygiene is leveraging its expertise in innovation and quality to bring new product concepts to our clients.