Several New Lines Added at Our Clifton New Jersey Facility
June 23, 2017

Disposable Hygiene Adds Increased Capacity and Capabilities

New construction mask and filling room at Disposable Hygiene USA

We’ve made quite a transformation to our Facial Sheet Mask and Filling Production Room.

From the logo colored applied coating on the floors which make it look more like a swimming pool from the observation doors, to the upgraded ceiling tiles, fixtures, textured wall panels the room makes a statement.

We’ve been able to start set up of the areas and lines under each type of production and it’s great to see all the additional space created.

With the increased demand we’ve seen in our production of the Korean style facial sheet mask products and the mud,scrub and 2 step products we had to add additional lines to keep up our customer’s needs.

Disposable Hygiene is the leading U.S. manufacturer of all types of single use facial sheet mask products as well as eye, lip, nose, spot treatment, body, hand, foot, hair masks as well.  We’ve also added filling of muds, scrubs, essences, serums.

Another exciting category we’ve grown our options in are the multi step products where masks, scrubs, treatments are combined in a specially formed sachet. We have made significant investments to ensure we remain at the forefront of these exciting product categories.