Build Value and Recognition thru Private Label Products

Disposable Hygiene has a wide range of proven formulations to offer our OEM customers. Our turn-key solutions are readily available to customers seeking quick to market products that are cost effective and profitable. We offer a full suite of services to bring the most creative packaging options to each project as well as support new to market and unique innovations. Thru continued research and development, chemical formulation and testing procedures, we deliver superior solutions to match the most sophisticated requirements.

OEM Private Label Products

Wet Wipes in all major categories such as surface cleansers, general cleansing, baby, facial, make up remover, flushable moist toilet tissue, electronic/PDA, disinfecting, and more. All offered in a variety of packaging options such as canisters, bulk rolls, single wipes, flow packs, travel packs and multi pack options.

Skin Care in a variety of single use products such as facial sheet masks, body spot masks, under eye masks, lip masks, muds, peels, clays, DIY facial, and more. Our experienced staff will guide you each step of the way to ensure a unique product that will enhance your brand.